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Common metal seam welding
- Dec 21, 2016 -

When welding galvanized steel plate, should be taken to prevent cracking and failure welds of gas tightness. Causes of cracks are left in the core and spread to the joint of zinc embrittlement in heat affected zone, interference caused by stress. Method is the correct selection of process parameters to prevent cracks. Experiments showed that penetration rate is smaller (10-26%), the crack is smaller. When high welding speed, heat dissipation conditions, surface heating, deep penetration, are easy to crack. In conditions of guarantee the joint strength and nugget diameter, low current, low welding speed should be used as far as possible and a strong external water cooling.

Rolled flower drum drive by, so feel free to roll trim size and clean its surface. Following table for seam welding of galvanized steel plate welding conditions.