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Flash butt welding
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Flash's main role is to heat the workpiece. During this phase, power, slight contact and bring the two ends of the workpiece surface, creating many contact points. Electric current passes through it, melting the contact point, connect both ends of liquid metal beams. Due to the very high current density in the liquid beam, made of liquid metal evaporation, lintel beam blasting. With the slow progress of clamp, beam has been producing and blasting. Vapor pressure and under the action of electromagnetic forces in liquid metal particles continuously ejected from an interface. Formation of sparks Jet – Flash.

During the Flash process, the workpiece gradually shortened, end temperature is gradually increased. Along with the end of the temperature rise, beam velocity will speed up, speed clamp must also gradually increased. In front of the flashing process is completed, you must make the entire surface of the workpiece to form a liquid metal layer, and bringing metal to plastic deformation temperature on a certain depth.