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How to properly use a friction and wear testing machine
- Dec 20, 2016 -

MMW-1A computer controlled vertical universal friction and wear testing machine, conventional equipment maximum test force of 1000N, maximum speeds of up to 2000r/min, to allow maximum friction torque 2500N.mm. Operator to test load of 1000N 2000r/min, test speed for the conditions of dry friction tests of metallic materials. Results found after the test starts, runs produced severe vibration, noise and friction torque alarm device alarm automatically shuts down, even found that the device does not function after use and there are also operators in this device wear testing of metallic materials. If the material strength than a larger, easy to wear, will assume to improve test loads and test speed, test, (or the test itself) lies the strong vibrations and noise, and test process clearly increases the intensity of vibration, noise of, or even cause the friction torque alarm shut down, experiment failed. More has test after equipment cannot normal using; also has operation personnel operation using process in the, operation improper, directly led to loaded system in the spring squeeze died, cannot uninstall; more has operation personnel test for process in the, directly off equipment power downtime, led to again boot using Shi spindle automatically rotating; addition, also has test personnel long-term for dramatic of wear test, test process in the produced of dramatic vibration is easy damaged equipment of precision.