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In the field of environment simulation test equipment of a major breakthrough
- Dec 20, 2016 -

In environment simulation test equipment has made a significant breakthrough in China in order to meet with China's manned space project phase II as a representative of large spacecraft testing needs, construction of the design of the system starting from the beginning of 2013, built and put into use in late 2015, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

The system consists of vertical and horizontal vibration test system of vibration test system. Vertical vibration test system by four a vibration Taiwan, and magnesium alloy welding extended table and the oriented support system, and synchronization control system and intelligent of health monitoring system, composition, development in the breakthrough has four Taiwan synchronization stress vibration, and big size magnesium alloy table welding, and high precision high hosted high stability oriented support, more items key technology, System static hosted capacity reached 40 tons, and maximum thrust 140 tons, anti-capsized capacity 350,000 cattle meters, system frequency is greater than 200 Hertz.