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Seam welding method
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Seam welding with electrode is rounded, roll pan, rolling disk diameter for 50-600mm, common 180-250mm in diameter. Rolled plate thickness of 10-20mm. Contact surface cylindrical and spherical shapes two types of case taper (Figure 12-1). Cylindrical rolling disk except for double side chamfer forms, also can be made into single chamfer form, to fit the hem seam welding of joints. Depending on the thickness of the workpiece contact surface width ω 3-10MM, spherical radius r is 25-200mm. Cylindrical roller plate is widely used for welding steel and high temperature alloy, spherical roller due to uniform heat transition, indentation, commonly used in welding of light alloy.

Rolling disk external cooling is usually used. When welding non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, with clean tap water, when welding steel to prevent rusting, aqueous solution containing borax 5% cooling. Rolling disk sometimes uses internal water cooling, especially at welding of aluminum alloy welding machine, but its structure is much more complex.