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Seam welding process
- Dec 21, 2016 -

1, welding current

Seam welding required to form the core of heat sources the same as spot welding, is the use of an electric current through the resistance welding of heat. In the case of other conditions, welding current is determined by the size of the core's penetration rate and lap. When welding mild steel, molten core with an average penetration rate of plate thickness 30-70%, 45-50% is the best. In order to obtain air-tight seam weld nugget overlap should not be less than cent.

2, press

Seam welding of electrode force on nugget size effects is consistent with spot welding. Electrode pressure will make the depth of the indentation, and accelerates deformation of rolled plates and loss. Low pressure is prone to shrinkage, and due to excessive contact resistance bring rolled burn and shorten its service life.

3, welding time and inactivity time

Seam welding, mainly through control of welding time nugget size the cooling time control the amount of overlap. In the lower welding speed, weld and inactivity time ratio of 1.25:1-2:1, satisfactory results can be obtained. When welding speed is increased, the solder joint spacing increase at this point to get the overlap the same welds, it is necessary to scale up.

4, the welding speed

Welding speed and welded metal, plate thickness and weld strength and quality and so on. Often when welding stainless steel, high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals, to avoid splashing and high dense welds must be in the lower welding speed. Sometimes by step seam welding, roll the nugget formation process in case of stopping. This seam welding of welding speed is much lower than the commonly used intermittent welding.