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Study on the lubricity of gasoline fuels
- Dec 20, 2016 -

One, the current average sulphur content of diesel fuel continues to decline in Europe and America. 1994 European Union the maximum sulphur content of 0.2%, 1996 in 0.05%, while diesel HFRR wear must be less than 460m.

Currently, methods for improving lubricity of low-sulfur diesel is changing the refining process and the use of additives. But, as Margaroni pointed out, the future emission regulations on diesel cars and light trucks may be more stringent. Is now known, is very high with the Euro3 regulations came into force in January 2000, as regards the Euro4 regulations came into effect in 2005, using current technology (including exhaust closed loop recycling, EFI diesel oxidation catalyst and use exhaust) impossible to achieve, and must invent new technologies in order to meet this challenge.

Second, at present, the average sulfur content of diesel in China is still very high, even in 2000 dropped to 2000~3000g/g, also fell to the equivalent of Western countries only mid 80 's level, than Western new formulations of the sulfur content of diesel fuel is much higher, the lubricity of diesel fuel in the short term is not a problem, or not a big problem. But to reduce the exhaust emissions of toxic gases in diesel refining gradually deepening is an inevitable trend, the lubricity of diesel fuel problems are likely to appear at the beginning of the next century. Therefore, accelerating research and take preventive measures are necessary.