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Test machine of friction and wear testing machine, biomechanics application of medical material in the human body
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Polyethylene used in artificial joint replacement material for more than 40 years of history, has a low coefficient of friction and wear rate, good mechanical properties and biocompatibility, but polyethylene wear particles caused by osteolysis of the local interface, leading to the aseptic loosening of prosthesis, is a major cause of Arthroplasty failure. In order to improve friction performance of artificial joints, the new combination of joint prosthesis interface, such as metal on metal, ceramic on ceramic attracted the attention of researchers. Linear friction of metal on metal prosthesis rate only for ordinary ultra high molecular polyethylene of 1% metal, but metal to metal stress shielding effect of artificial joints and metal ion release potentially toxic. Ceramic material has good biocompatibility, low coefficient of friction, wear, wear resistance strong, but fracture effect of ceramic-lined ceramic on ceramic artificial joint long-term effects. Further improve the functional adaptation of materials, explore new methods of surface modification of materials for joint prosthesis, joint biological friction and lubrication mechanisms research is the research problems.