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Welding methods and processes
- Dec 21, 2016 -

And series spot welding spot welding is usually divided into two-sided spot welding two categories. When two-sided spot welding electrode to weld on both sides of the workpiece feed. Typical two-sided spot welding mode is shown in Figure 11-5. Illustration a is the most common way, on both sides of the workpiece-electrode indentation. Diagram b represents large conductive plate electrode of the welding area, this could eliminate or reduce below the indentation of the workpiece. Often used in decorative Panel spot welding. Figure c for welding two or more direct welding, spot welding, using a transformer to the electrodes in parallel, then all current path impedance must be equal, and every surface of welded parts, material thickness and electrode pressure have to be the same in order to ensure through the welding current is consistent. Chart d for two-sided spot welding using multiple transformers, so you can avoid running out of c.