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Development Status And Prospect Of Friction Welding
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Development prospect of friction stir welding technology

Development of Friction Stir Welding in China still does not meet the needs of rapid development of the national economy. Friction welder in China within the next 5-10 of authors but also in material welding, friction welding, friction welding method and welding equipment and application of friction welding areas more in-depth research.

Friction Stir Welding method

5-10 years in the future to strengthen its efforts to develop a new method of friction welding, gradually improved and expanded its scope of application.

(1) phase friction welding

Can realize the requirements of phase friction welding of artifacts, expanded the application of friction welding. Current production of Hexagon-section parts, all steel, automotive operations, spline shaft, forks, with flanges on both ends of the shaft requires using phase friction welding. On the premise of highly developed electronic technology and mechanical technology, for the development of large-tonnage phase friction welding machine made it possible.

(2) linear friction welding

Linear friction welding technology is two parts at a certain frequency and amplitude for reciprocating motion to generate heat for welding, it can be square, round or polygonal cross section metal or plastic welded together.

(3) the radial friction welding

Pressurized radial friction welding due to the introduction of rotating ring, has not only changed the direction of the friction surfaces, welds but also by the relative rotation pressure becomes a relatively constant pressure, it is very suitable for long pipe welding, and it can put on a thin copper ring welded to the body wall, enabling upgrades for military products.