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Digital Welding Machine
- Dec 21, 2016 -

First first analysis about inverse variable welding machine control system of of main part, welding machine control part main is divided into people machine interface part and power control part. people machine interface part of digital of advantage is no doubts of, achieved up also no is big of difficulty, as long as is digital welding machine General are to has digital of people machine interface interface, so this not for too much discussion. power control part is its core and key where, according to function different and can is divided into digital control system and peripheral circuit, and sampling and the conditioning circuit, and Stateful circuit, PI regulator circuit, PWM modulation circuits, circuit protection, driving circuit, and so on. Based on MCU or DSP digital control system and its peripheral circuits are digital circuits, it is the core of digital welding control system, digital welding performance depends in large part on the parts (including hardware and software).

For now, sampling and conditioning circuits part can only be achieved using analog circuits, which cannot yet be digitized. Stateful circuits are very important for some welding machines, due to its high real-time requirements, compared to realize ideal, such as real-time requirements do not, can also be introduced into the signal a/d conversion using software in the DSP to determine.