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How To Control The Environment For Steel Welding Operations The Effect Of
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Steel welding machine used mostly on site to carry out welding operations, compared with plants in General welding, it environment is much more complex. While these factors have greatly influenced the effect of welding. For steel welding machine used environment control for welding quality becomes particularly important. How to control environmental impact? First of all, is the influence of the natural environment. Under normal circumstances, where much that open or semi-enclosed premises, therefore, if you encounter some wind and rain Frost and fog weather such as snow, high temperature or low temperature, natural factors, which are not conducive to the implementation of the welding. Therefore need to adopt some precautionary measures to ensure the quality of welded directly. For example, you can build some facilities of the windproof and waterproof. Followed by the operational environment, it is a clean and orderly environment. Some obstacles on the construction site, need to clean up before welding to prevent interference. Finally found combinations of interface conditions poor, should be applied and personnel exchanges, interrupt welding, seeking the next welding to guarantee the welding quality. In addition, the technology for welding quality of welding personnel is also a great influence.