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How To Use The Welding Machine More Secure
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Spot welding machine in the handicraft, electronic components, instrumentation, electrical switches, cable manufacturing, filters, mufflers and other manufacturing industries has a wide scope of use. At the time of operation clean up the welding part, after assembling accurate, into the upper and lower electrodes, pressure on the contact; power up two contact surfaces of the workpiece heating, partial melting, forming the core; to keep the pressure after a power failure, make the core cools and solidifies to form solder under the pressure. Device with welding voltage detection function, easy know welding voltage fluctuations. How to use the welding machine more secure? Steel weld before welding requires the removal of all dirt, grease, oxidation and rust, of hot-rolled steel, it is best to weld through pickling, sandblasting or grinding wheels for descaling. Without a clean weld can do spot, but severely reduce the service life of the electrode, the production efficiency and quality while reducing spot. For a thin coating of low carbon steels can be welded directly.