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Present Situation Of Welding And Cutting Industry In China
- Dec 21, 2016 -

From 2005 China completed a number of landmark projects, welding technology play an important role. Such as three gorges hydropower equipment welding system is a huge, including aqueduct, volute, wheels, axle, generator motor, which Martensitic stainless steel wheel diameter 10.7m, high 5.4m, 440t, for the world's largest cast-welding structure runner. The wheel by the Crown, ring and 13 or 15 blades welded together, each runner 12t wire for welding, took 4 months. 6th Shenzhou spacecraft was successfully launched and recovered, marked the great progress of China's space industry, including activities of the two astronauts return module and orbital module are aluminum alloy welded structure, welded joints hermetic and distortion control is the key. By the end of 2005 for Shenhua the first heavy machinery group company, China's first direct Coal Liquefaction plant of hydrogenation reactor, diameter 5.5M length 62m thickness 337mm 2060t, for the world's largest, most heavily forging-welding structure hydrogenation reactor, using the automatic double-wire narrow gap submerged arc welding technology, each girth weld for 5 days in a row you want.