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Steel Formwork In Stainless Steel Welding, The Welding Machine Analysis
- Dec 21, 2016 -

First, because the welding machine using a vertical steel template power, so use the time to take positive, while flux-cored wire electrode negative. For welding of stainless steel, is six millimeters thin is very effective, and result in beautiful. Followed by shielding gases are argon welding process requires high purity. And welding current with argon content complement each other well. Thirdly, in order to prevent the process of stomata, so prior to welding, the weld area needs some rust, grease cleaning job. The four, for arc welding, depending on the circumstances may be, when welding stainless, you need one to three mm arc, when protected works best. Lastly, in order to prevent oxidation of the bead bottom erosion, regional gas shield on the back. Also for air control, you will need in case of wind, using the screen. If no wind, ventilation is needed.