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Study on friction welding technology and its application
- Dec 21, 2016 -

Present application of friction welding technique is widely used, weld diameter artifacts, and 8000mm2 of 3.0~120mm large section of pipe fittings, and development phase and radial friction welding technology, as well as friction stir welding technology. Not only can weld steel, aluminum, copper, but also successful welding of high temperature strength of very different levels of dissimilar steel and different kinds of metal, as well as the formation of low melting point eutectic and brittle compound of dissimilar metals. Such as high speed steel-carbon steel, heat-resistant steel-alloy steel, high temperature, and gold-alloy steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel-stainless steel-electric magnets and aluminum-copper, aluminum-steel. In recent years, with the development of China's aerospace industry, accelerate the penetration of friction welding technology to these areas, the Aero-Engine rotor, landing gear components, fasteners and other materials (Ln718 Ti17 300M GH159 GH4169) as well as metals and ceramics, composites, experimental study on the friction welding technology of powder metallurgy, electrical material replaced by brazing process started using friction welding. Solenoid-stainless steel, tungsten-copper alloy, etc.