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The Direction And Development Of Auto Welding
- Dec 21, 2016 -

The intellectualization

Robot welding is widely used in the automotive industry, car chassis, seat frames, Rails, muffler and welding of hydraulic torque converter, especially in the chassis of the car's manufacture a wide range of applications. Toyota has decided to spot as standard equipment in its Japan domestic and overseas all of the welding robot. Using this technique can improve weld quality, and even tried to use it to replace some welding jobs. Within a short distance of the movement time is greatly shortened. The company recently launched a low height of spot welding robot used to lower part of welded car body parts. This little robot spot welding robot with high assembled together, common on the upper part of the body for processing, thereby reducing the entire line length.

Domestic production of Santana, and Passat, and Buick, and game Europe, and Polo, rear axle, and Deputy frame, and shake arm, and hanging frame, and shock absorber, car chassis parts most is to MIG welding process mainly of by force security parts, main component used stamping welding, Board thick average for 1.5~4mm, welding main to take received, and angle received joint form mainly, welding quality requirements quite high, its quality of bad directly effect to car of security performance. Robot welding, greatly improves the appearance and internal quality of welding, and ensure the stability of quality and reduce labor intensity and improve labor environment.